Do the job yourself with a good tool!

Does your company employ more than 3 people a year? Then it's time to implement a good recruitment system.

Recruitment has for many years been time consuming, tedious and messy. But digitization has made the whole process engaging, fun and easy. 

The trend to acquire a recruitment system is growing, because companies are realizing that they can attract, evaluate and hire candidates on their own.

Here are 8 good reasons why your company needs a recruitment system:

Attract candidates with a professional career page

What do job seekers encounter after clicking on "career" on their website? Employer branding is important, and with a good recruitment system, you can market your workplace with a professional career site. 

Automatic replies and group messages

Communication with candidates is important in recruitment. Job seekers would like a confirmation that the application has been submitted. Save valuable time by getting their job seekers automatic and personalized answers.

Are you going to send message to 40 candidates at once? With a recruitment system, you can do this at the touch of a button.

Better collaboration with colleagues

Emails that are sent back and forth are a messy way of working. When you share access to the same system for recruitment, the interaction is organized and efficient. 

Important statistics

Do your job seekers come from their website, , LinkedIn or social media? Using statistics, you can see where the jobseekers come from. Now you know where it is most effective to market their positions.

See personality with Video CV

If you choose the right recruitment system, job seekers can create their own video resume in the application process. You choose whether the video CV should be mandatory, optional or excluded per position.

GDPR taken care of

Recruitment via e-mail makes it time-consuming to comply with privacy rules. With a good recruitment system, the candidate himself is in the driver's seat over his own information, since they can delete their application at any time. This is the essence of following the privacy policy.

Better candidate experience

Job seekers prefer to apply for positions through a good recruitment tool. It is important that the application process has as few clicks as possible to the goal, and that the system has smart integrations that retrieve diplomas and remember their stored CV.

Have a dialogue with job seekers

A good organized overview of your candidate base is worth its weight in gold when you suddenly have to hire a new employee. With a recruitment system, you have a clear library of candidates who have shown interest in your company.

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